The Organization for Community Civic Engagement, OCCEN, a Civil Society Organization has called on President Mohammad Buhari to expidite Action in assenstung the Electoral Amendment Bill which is Before Him.
The Executive Director, OCCEN, Abdulrazaq Alkali made the call at a press conference, held in Kano .
Mr Alkali said the deadline for the Bill to become law would elapse in two weeks time, lamenting that the president is yet to assent to it.
He said the National Assembly has the  veto power to sign the Bill if President Muhammadu Buhari  failed to sign Electoral Amendment Bill 2021.
According to him, “the president had been foot-dragging and unjustifiably delaying on the Bill”, alleging that “the president’s gesture should be worrying because he seemed to be giving priority some powerful and selfish categories of politicians who felt threatened that the return of candidate selection to citizens will depose them of their firm grip on political parties.”
The Executive Director also stated that even though the president was said to have written Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, seeking its advice on the Bill, Efforts should be adopted in ensuring that the bill came to reality.
He maitained  that some members of the national assembly had vowed to veto the president if he decline to sign the Bill, adding that they have constitutional rights to do so.
“From all indications, they do have the numbers to achieve that constitutionally, provided politics and lobbying do not distract them from doing the right thing”
Mr Alkali noted that there are many CSOs that clamour for the president to assent to the Bill, adding that if the president fail to sign it, they have no option than to take legal action.
He called on the NASS to be resolute to veto the president and pass the Bill as it would of great benefit to Nigerians.

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