The Managing Director of Dala inland Dry Port Malam Ahmad Rabiu says the Dry Port has reached over eighty percent completion,and would soon Commence Operations.
Malam Ahmad Rabiu Stated this during an exclusive interview with journalist in Kano
He said the project was one of the key Developmental  projects that would Enhance the economic stability of not Kano state alone but the Nation at large.
Malam Ahmad Rabiu Maitained that the gaint stride of the rail line revolution embarked by the Administration of president Mohammadu Buhari was Commendable, especially in that aspect of restoring the lost glory of Economic activities of Nigeria .
“As we speak we have attain 85 to 90 percent Completion level for must of the key projects that constitutes first phase of the project, we are hopeful that we’ll attain hundred percent before the end of the year”
He said the Dry Port was expecting Commencement of operations by the first quota of Next year, Saying current the rail link to the Dry land was ongoing,saying it was nearly compelition.
The Managing Director noted that over Two hundred and fifty people would be employed directly at the Dry Port when completed while indirectly over fifteen million people would benefit economically when operations commences at the Dry Port.
Malam Ahmad Rabiu appreciated president Mohammadu Buhari for his Commitment in the Rail Revolution and Aplauded kano state support to the project with the aim of ensuring that it became a reality.
He added that when Operations commences at the Dry Port economic ties between Nigeria and other neighboring Countries would be enhanced .

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