By Bello Kano

KANO – Worried by the state of the nation, a Non Government Organization, National Youth Congress for Better Nigeria, has accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo for Nigeria’s woes.

The Group’s President, Comrade Ali Wali made this known while addressing a press conference on the state of the nation in Kano.

Comrade Wali alleged that the former President Obasanjo had chance to solve Nigeria’s problem but blew it for meagre selfish gains.

He also accused the former President of alleged fresh plots to destabilize and bring nigeria on its kneels.

According to him, “with these record of underperformance, corruption practices, immorality among others related to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, only enemies of this country will join hands with such a person whose actions is to further obliterate the unity of this country.

“Obasanjo had his chance to solve nigeria’s problem and he blew it for meagre selfish gains. Till today he never apologize not take responsibilities of the ills his administration has caused nigerians but instead have opted to create problems to present regime who are trying hard to solve some of the problems that he help create.

“This country have never been subjected to much damage than the 16 years PDP held power, out of which Obasanjo led for eight years.

“Obasanjo blatantly created and nurtured some of these national problems plaguing Nigeria to overwhelming limits with successive administration feeling most of the heat from these problem.

“The intention and plan by former President Obasanjo to today organize some civil society and other critics of Buhari administration to form a coalition that will mount additional pressure on already fragile state of politics and insecurity in Nigeria is not new, as he has done same with many previous administrations.

“His performance record and immoral precedentsl have devoid him of any sanctity to speak from a moral prism on present happenings. A glance at some of his personal characters and happenings under his watch will remind some of us who former President Obasanjo really is.

“It is time for all nigerians to wake up and stop falling into traps of destruction set up by people like Obasanjo. Nigeria belong to us all and we should not allow them dictate our thinking or how we should respond to unfortunate situations in our dear country,” Comrade Wali however noted.


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