A coalition of groups in Kano under the auspices of Non State Actors Consultative Forum (NOSACOF) have declared support for the stance on security of the National Security Adviser, Babagan Monguno.

The Co-convener of the group Ibrahim Waiya made the declaration in Kano on Wednesday while delivering a statement to newsmen on behalf of about fifteen groups that include Kano State Traders Unions, The Labour Congress (Women Wing) Kano state chapter and Citizens Voice Against Corruption.

“We stand with position of National Security Adviser, Babagana Mungono.
In the last two decades, insecurity has been the most glaring and challenging problem in Nigeria.

“Acts of insecurity occurs in different forms throughout the country. While some of these acts of insecurity such as farmers and herder crisis go way back several decades ago, some other forms of insecurity such banditry have become more prominent in recent times mainly due to act of deliberate sabotage from political actors, who aimed at weakening our National Security for selfish political interest.

“Some of the actions taken by these political actors include use of media to rubbish every success made by the Nigeria’s Security Institutions as well as publishing propaganda and blackmail articles against the Heads of the various Security Institutions with the
aim of demoralizing them or painting a bad picture of them to the general public. These actors have made it upon themselves to oppose whatever strategy our security institutions devise to fight insecurity in Nigeria” they stated.

The group also declared their disagreement with the idea of negotiating with kidnappers and bandits despite the inhuman crimes they are committing against the communities.

“Currently, one subject area of contention between certain stakeholders and political actors is on
the best strategy needed to fight banditry and Kidnapping in Nigeria, with some political leaders and stakeholders calling for adopting a strategy of “Negotiating” with the Bandits.

“However, the NSA seems to oppose this and is of the view that the most effective and international adopted
method of fighting terrorists is by the use of force as negotiating with terrorist never works.

“We are also of the opinion that negotiating with terrorists never yield the desired peace. The
argument against negotiating with terrorists is simple: Democracies must never give in to violence, and terrorists must never be rewarded for using it.

“Negotiations give legitimacy to terrorists and their methods and undermine actors who have pursued political change through” he stated.

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