By Tukur Abdullahi kebbi

A Stakeholder of the party and former INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, stated this while addressing the party loyalist at a Stakeholders meeting in Birnin Kebbi.

Professor Jega said that, PRP was a very strong alternative party to the people of Nigeria with the certanty that, if the party continue with the work its doing, God’s willin, it will be a very strong alternative to the other parties in the country.

He said, the objective of the party was to have good credible governance as an alternative to the kind of reckless politice that it is in this country as of today.

According to him, any ooportunities that the party have between now and 2023, it would participate and it will try to bring good and credible people wheather at the local government level or at byelections and certainly in 2023, saying PRP will be in a very strong position to be an alternative platform for governance in this country.

“What we are doing in Kebbi is also happening in many states, getting people together who subscribed to the ideals of the party to discuss and to plan how to strenghten activities that can make the PRP that strong alternative that we want it to be”.

Jega told the gathering that, he has the believe that, the hardwork of the party’s faithful will yield devident and the hard work is to try to convince the ordinary Nigerian to know that politice should be politice of honesty of integrity and of getting good people in governance, people who will not play with public resources, people who will understand what people needs and who will hold the offices they occupaid and the resouces that are generated inorder to satisfy the need and aspiration of the people.

He pointed out that, between now and 2023, the party has enough time to look for those good people, bring them into the party, saying because their are many people of integrity in this country and thier are many which are not happy about the way politice is conducted and who wants to put positive changes.

On the issue of funding the party, Jega said, it would not be difficult to generate funding saying, he thinks part of the problem is that, for a long time politice in Nigeria has become dependant on people who have already stollen money one way or the other before and now come and join a political party and became the people who fund the party and therefore collect candidate for the party and if everybody partionatly believe in an ideal in the objectives of the party, people will contribute worth penny and Naira.

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