The Senior Pastor of Help From Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide, Godwin Ube wants Christians not to be a superficial Christian but a sacrificial one.

Pastor Ube gave the advice while delivering his Sunday sermon in Abuja, on what he tagged ” How to offer sacrifices” from the book of Deuteronomy 12 verses 11- 14.

He explained that Sacrifices avert death and sacrificial christian is too dangerous to be dared, too rugged to be routed, too protected to be confronted, and too surrounded by fire to surrender.

“From the Scripture we saw how God perceived the aroma of Abraham’s sacrifice and made him father to many nations, Sacrifice is a cure for curses. Sacrifice turns captivity be it an ancestral captivity, generational captivity or family captivity.

When you live sacrificially, captivity situations are turned, the life of sacrifice can make you go where they say no one is permitted to go and the scripture has been proven that sacrifice establishes liberty.

Beloved, every opportunity to sacrifice is an opportunity to attack curses. When you are sacrificial, you are fire-full; you are fire in motion. And when the ancestral spirits or the demonic agents of your family try to stop you, they will realize that you are not a stoppable personality.

The truth is, if you have any meaningful destiny, there are altars that would not want you to fulfil it, so let your altar of sacrifice speak against those evil altars continually

Every opportunity to sacrifice is an opportunity to attack curses, sacrifice carries deliverance power to avert calamity. The weapon of sacrifice is more potent than any physical weapon of war. Your sacrifice does not just deliver you; it also has the capacity to liberate your loved ones.

“Never joke with your tithe or any opportunity to sacrifice, Never make any vow you know you can’t keep. Ensure you pay your vows as you make them” Pastor Ube added.

Live sacrificially; deploy your time, effort and resources maximally for the benefit of humanity and for Kingdom advancement, Make demands on God for the grace to sacrifice, Speak forcefully against the altars trying to resist your destiny fulfilment, by the Blood of Jesus.

When a man is stingy towards God; when he is tight-fisted, his life must remain tight. Sacrifice is the secret of the overflow.

Pastor Ube urged Christians to remember that the weapon of sacrifice is more potent than any physical weapon of war.


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