Christians have been urged to be steadfast in their dealings with God irrespective of challenges confronting them.

The Senior Pastor, Help from Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide, Pastor Godwin Ube gave the advice in his Sunday sermon via social media.

Speaking from the book of Luck chapter 7 verse 11-16, on the topic ” Weep no More” Pastor Ube who explained that there are time of weeping and time to laugh stressed that steadfastness enables children of God to stand firm in time of challenges.

Pastor Ube Who explained that every child of God is confronted with one challenge or the other called calmness adding that it a phase that will surely fade off.

“There is no one without a challenge. What differs is the form it takes in one’s life. For some, it is self-inflicted; for others, it is not. Whatever it is , there is likely to be something we are trusting God for.

“Even those we look up to as super rich, there is usually   something they look up to God for.  If not for anything, they would ask God to give them long life to enjoy their riches” he added.

Why is this so? It is because we all know that God is the giver of life. He brings to the world when he pleases and takes away when he pleases.  At least, on this issue, no one can query God.

Pastor Ube urged Christians not give room to evil thoughts adding that God is able to wipe off all tears.

“All these thoughts lead to just one thing: Tears of sorrow”.
Should a Christian shed tears of sorrow?  My answer is no.  When we do this it gives room to evil thoughts.

There maybe many enemies, but remember what God said to the children of Israel, by the mouth of Moses; in Exodus 14-14 when they looked back and they saw so many enemies matching after them, enemies that have been enemies for more than 400 years.

Those who were enemies of their fathers and grand fathers. God spoke through the mouth of Moses and said to the children of Israel, he said look at them very well, because the enemies you see tonight, you will never see them again. Pastor Ube stated.

For any reason that you are shedding tears of sorrow, God is able to wipe off your tears.

Pastor who said tears of sorrow have never and will never bring the solution to any challenge appealed to Christians to be diligent in seeking God’s face for divine intervention in their challenges.

“Rather than break down , a  believer should break down on the altar of God.  It was before the altar of God that  Hannah broke down and God, in his mercy, visited her.


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