Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state has released 43 inmates from Kano Correctional homes as a mark for Eid-Kabir celebration.
The Governor  called on them to always be of sound character and contribute their share to state and national development.
Speaking during  his Sallah message he urged all Muslims to be law abiding and continue praying for the security of the state and the country in general. While urging people to continue observing all protocols of COVID-19, he assured that with prayers everything is possible with the Almighty Allah.
“It is extremely important for people to pray much harder for national development and the security of our state and the country in general. We must continue observing all the protocols as enunciated by health workers. This way, we can overcome the pandemic,” he said.
The governor reminded how some states in the federation are being faced with the challenges of insecurity, insisting that, prayers are critically needed to do away with such insecurity situations.
At the Gorondutse Correctional Centre, where he released 43 inmates, one of the released inmates, called Jennifer Okafor, who was released just two months ago during Eid-Fitr festivity, extended the gratitude from her leaders from East over the good gesture extended by the governor.
Not only that she was released few months a go, along other 299 inmates, was, since her release, offered a job by the governor, with the Kano State Road Traffic Agency (KAROTA). An offer she started enjoying.
She said to the gathering “Your Excellency I am very grateful for what you did to me and to my family by extension. I really don’t have enough words to thank you Sir. After you released me, you also offered me a job with KAROTA. I am now an officer with this state traffic agency.”
She explained further, out of joy, that, “Even my people from the East are calling me to ask how it happened. I told them I really don’t know. That it is the work of the Almighty. My name is now Jennifer Abdullahi Ganduje.”
Adding that, the governor was truly Aguna Echemba I of Igbo land. ” My people said you deserve the name of Aguna Echemba I given to you by our leaders from the East. They asked me to extend their sincere gratitude to you Sir,” she concludes.
Those release were given the sum of Five Thousand Naira each as transport money they would use to go back to their various places of living.
In his remarks governor Ganduje said “When we release people we release them without taking into consideration their religious background, their ethnicity, or age or sex differences. We believe humanity as a whole should  always be assisted.”
Explaining that, when they were released, they were advised to be and remain people with sound character. “Mrs Jennifer Okafor is an example of those released from this and similar Correctional Centres. She is now holding on tight to her new job with the State Traffic Agency, KAROTA. This shows that we are achieving something,” he appreciated.
In a remark the comptroller of Kano Correctional Centres Magaji Ahmed Abdullahi commended the governor for the good work and gesture done to the released inmates.

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