Samuel Nii Quaye, a 20-year-old man who went missing at age 2, has finally been reunited with his real family 18 years later.

According to reports, Atinka FM, hosted Samuel who recounted his story and mentioned all he has been through since childhood.

Samuel revealed that he had been living with a fetish priest throughout his life and only realized they were not actually related after the man’s wife died.

The obituary poster of the late woman did not include Samuel’s name, which was confusing to him and when he made his investigation, he found out he was brought to them almost two decades ago. 

From that moment, Samuel decided to trace his roots and locate his family, a quest that brought him to the radio station where his story was aired.

It is reported that after the radio show featured Samuel, four different families called saying they had lost their son about 18 years ago.

They were all asked to undertake a DNA test that confirmed Samuel belonged in the Nii Quaye family.

The young man’s father indicated that he recognized a birthmark on him and was absolutely sure the result was going to prove Samuel was his son.

The result of the paternity test was 99.98%.


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