The Chairman, Kano State chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Samuel Adeyemo call upon all christians religious leaders to ensure creating awareness to church members and beyond on the importance of Family planning or child birth spacing.

He disclosed this when the Interfaith Forum on Child Birth spacing paid him a courtesy visit in his office.

The CAN State secretary who is the Co-Chairman of the interfaith, Rev. Mati Kwanar Dangora as the leader of the visit explained the purpose of the visit.

“We are very happy with the support you are giving to us Sir to ensure women and children are safe and healthy. This visit is to update you as Kano CAN chairman of the activities conducted and planned by the forum and to seek for your inputs and support to continue speaking in Favour of family planning.

“Furthermore, it is also to advocate for you to Mandate all religious leaders to support the cause”. He said.

In his remarks, the State Program Coordinatir of The Challange Initiative (TCI) Dr Musa Abdullahi Sufi appreciate the invitation to be part of this mieden meeting.

Dr Sufi, said “To succeed in promoting family planning to help in improving Maternal and child health, and reducing maternal mortality by about 30%, religious leaders are key stakeholders to achieve that. I am advocating for more sensitization and engagements with church leaders to keep family planning as top priority agenda for better health and productive family”.

Dr Sufi, added that “TCI and State government are always ready to provide technical support to ensure correct information in reaching the target audiences and integration of Family planning and other health areas like COVID-19 is something worthy of support as well”.


The CAN Chairman while responding to the team, he expressed his happiness of the visit and added that “This Interfith Group is a very strong one to help Kano State and Nigeria on improving quality of lives of mothers babies and the society.

“More importantly to help address issue of people given birth of children they cannot cater for”.

The Rev. further added that, “I am not an advocate of that adage that says the God that create the mouth will give the food”.

Earlier the CAN chairman disclosed that “ I strongly believe in Family Planning, and even before my marriage, I discussed with my wife of the number of children and the spacing”.

The meeting ended with donations of various Family planning publication from TCI to the State CAN chairman, among which includes working with religious leaders in FP, family planing methods, voices supporting Family Planning, christian perspectives on Family planning etc.

The chairman also, request for TCI to support the training of pastors on Family Planning and COVID-19.


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