The Movement Against Gender Abuse, a Non-Governmental Organization has appeal to the federal government to declare a state of emergency on rape in the country.

The convener of the group Mrs Tarfa Hyendua made the appealed while leading a protest to the Ministry of Human services and social development in Kaduna state on the high rate of rape in the country.

Mrs Tarfa described the incessant rate in the country as unfortunate and urged the National Assembly and federal government to make a domesticate laws that would ensure stiffer penalties for rapists in Nigeria.

“The lawmakers are supposed to fight for the rights of women and children, instead of them to make laws that will protect the rights of women and children, they are busy saying that women should dress well. The question that comes to mind is, what will make a man rape a three-year-old baby? does it have to do with dressing? this is not acceptable in our society, what a disaster.”

The convener of the group commended the action of Governor Nasiru El-Rufai of Kaduna state for his recent comments that stiffer penalties such as hanging would be implemented for rapists in the state.

A member of the group Mrs Venessa Johnson said they were crying out to the world for the government at all levels to take action against rape, as well as protect the rights of women and children in the country.

Another member of the group Mr Peter Shisha explained that they have joined women in the protest to express their feelings on the issue and appealed to states to domesticate the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act 2015 to promote the rights of the vulnerable in the society.

“It has been estimated by the World Health Organization that one in every three girls living in Nigeria has experienced at least one form of sexual assault by the time they reach 25 years. These recurring decimals cut across all ages, involving old, young and even the kids. The worst of it is rape, so we are calling on all parents to join the war against rapists”.

The Director, Gender Affairs of the Ministry who received the group commended them for the protest and described the high rate of rape as regrettable in the country.

“There is no day that rape will not be reported in the country. Just yesterday, a three month baby was rape in Nassarawa state. Other cases of rape were also reported in Edo, Zaria and Bayelsa while others are not reported. This is not good for our country.”

Mrs Mahmood explained that Kaduna state has domesticated the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act 2015 and the state government has created sexual assault centres across the 23 local government areas in the state to promote the rights of vulnerable in the society.


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