True Buharists must tell President Muhammadu Buhari is Enough Dear Baba….

The rise of the incessant killings are unacceptable in Nigeria and more especially across the North.

These is a typical sign of Failure of needed actions despite successes recorded recently in killing and destroying bandits or terrorists.

Most of us, voted Baba Buhari to end the security challenges in addition to our born and grow up love with him due to his integrity and fearless character.Although personally, we have being over ambitious on him.

We entirely forgot the roles of LGA Chairman, Governor State and National legislators, Commissioners and Ministers etc in national development. But focused all our energy on the president. Yes, he is the head but we need to also hold all the offices and positions accountable.

We want merciless, decisive and fast actions against these bandits as well the enemies of the state, for sustainable end to this disgraceful unfolding realities of my most trusted and hopeful administration.

This insecurity doesn’t start with Buhari administration, because in 2014 in one single day about 200 people killed in Faskari, Katsina state while Former President Jonathan was live in Katsina same day. Also, in Kano over 500 killed in Kano central mosque in one day.

Alhamdulillah, in Kano on the insecurity matter we have seen great progress in the state, however, situation worsen in North East like Borno, Yobe though fluctuating, Kaduna also low but Katsina is terribly bad.

Baba, I advocate for you to go to the grassroots and get Information directly from the people affected on the way out. Don’t listen to your aid or even media alone, be with the people Sir.

Visit the field unceremoniously and get the first class, real term and sustainable solutions and act right right from the field.

National broadcast by the President is urgently needed. The president media shouldn’t be making delay when people are killed. People need to hear message from their president it calms people down.

The time for too much and wasteful meetings are over. Acting the recommendations fast and furious is key. This is war against injustice, saving lives and properties, key to government role.

The governors are weak, some are a failure while at times the bureaucratic processes impending the progress. Security agencies welfare and equipment, very important motivator is discharge of duties.

Sir, security personnel deserves what politicians are enjoying despite doing less or performing poorly as system to support the electorate.

Reforming the security welfare including pensions and allowance will increase the commitment and readiness to face these bloody civilians holding weapons. Let them be treated like the frontline health workers working on COVID-19. They get fat allowance.

Baba, functioning local government autonomy will go along way in solving this matter. This is in addition to start massive resettlement scheme programs for hamlets and dispersed settlement mostly targeted by this heartless bandits.

To be honest life is not the same anymore. It is not too late to increase the tempo for what already achieved. We must do more, and people support and prayers must be sought.

I am optimistic and hopeful that we will overcome all these challenges and Nigeria head to be one of the greatest county in the world.

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amin.

Musa Abdullahi Sufi
Kano, Nigeria

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