The House of Representatives has moved in favour of a motion to review the country’s foreign policy towards liberating the black man from racial oppression and discrimination across the world.

This followed a motion of urgent public importance sponsored by a member from Kaduna State Alh Garba Dati Muhammad.

The lawmaker expressed Concern that there are increasing cases of discrimination and dehumanisation of Nigerians, Africans and black people across the world particularly in the United States, Europe and Asia and that political independence and civil rights legislation do not mean uhuru yet for black people who corfltinue to live in bondage.

He warned that if this trend is not halted, there will cease to be a black population on earth in due course of time.

According to him, the time has come to focus Nigeria’s foreign policy towards its original goals of Afro centrism as well as justice for all people particularly all black people.

The house mandated the Committees on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora to collaborate to organise a conference of local and international stakeholders towards fashioning comprehensive approaches to the ugly trend.

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