By Mal. Samaila Suleiman, FNSE

From the very day I joined the Governor Nasir El-rufa’i political train down this day, I have always wondered if any politician in Northern memory would beat him. I’m not even contemplating that there could be his match in Southern Nigeria.

I have for many years followed closely the El-rufa’i political dynamics that have made governance in Kaduna comparatively more accountable to the people. From political all-inclusiveness to the massive infrastructure, healthcare delivery, education and unbeatable revenue generation records, it should not be difficult to see that both our APC administration and El-rufa’i truly mean business.

At least, the reasons that made me follow the El-rufa’i political train are still intact because he has not deviated from his mission to modernize Kaduna and has ensured that accountability marked his style of governance.

What is understandable however, is that opposition elements who find his accountable governance a threat to their survival, will be having sleepless nights. They have difficulty reasoning with his beautiful policies.

They are also unhappy that the governor’s support base is expanding rapidly. They are also unhappy with his loyalists like us, who have maintained steady support in the spirit of political consistency.

Truth is, no matter what any opponent of El-rufa’i’s steady engineering of the socio-economic sphere of Kaduna thinks, no one can turn back the hands of time.

Looking back also, we have gone through tough odds in the hands of opposition, who did not like us being part of the successes of El-rufa’i administration. 

They called us all sorts of unprintable names, in their desperation to vent their frustrations on the loyalists of the governor. 

The bullets we took were plenty, but thank God we have since developed thick skin against their mischief and evil political machinations today. 

It is also to the glory of the Almighty Allah that we have gone this far as illustrious sons of Kaduna North in particular and Kaduna State in general, with unshaken loyalty to our great party and our amiable governor.

One undeniable truth is that El-rufa’i’s loyalty to our great party and President Muhammadu Buhari has been very rare and has do far been against all odds. He has built formidable goodwill around the historic North-South political understanding.

Any analysis of El-rufa’i’s formidable political team cannot be complete without mentioning his former Special Adviser (Political) and now Senator, Uba Sani. Their political alliance is a big lesson in friendship, mentorship and loyalty. 

They have set one of the best examples of loyalty and commitment to societal service. I am so sure that this sustained relationship between these two political strategists is a proof that loyalty counts in the democratic space. 

Senator Uba Sani’s efforts to checkmate the excesses of opposition elements before the 2019 elections compelled all of us – the younger lawmakers — to fall naturally in line.

It follows logically therefore that the stellar performance of Governor Nasir El-rufa’i has made the opposition uneasy and any criticism, especially in recent months, is purely politically-motivated; no more no less.

Take it or leave it, our party – the APC- has already made it’s mark on sands of time and we are proud that El-rufa’i has maintained the tempo of his accountable governance from 2015 till date. 

I won’t be surprised if he is considered for the Presidency of this nation in 2023 because he has the guts and brilliant ideas of confronting the knotty challenges of modern governance. 

It’s all about exposure and knowledge of the democratic system, for which he has remained well-armed for decades. And I personally have no regrets being either in the APC or the El-rufai’s formidable political train. 

The opposition can continue all their machinations but El-rufa’i is totally unassailable for whatever band of mischief-makers.

I can only call on opinion leaders, the political class and religious leaders to rally round Governor El-rufa’i by sustaining their advisory role. T

way, Kaduna nay Nigeria will continue to grow from strength to strength. I pray the Almighty continue to guide the governor and his followers for socio-economic and democratic advancement.

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