The Federal Capital Territory Administration Ministerial Taskforce on City Sanitation has siezed 26 rams, 5 cattle from the popular Apo Cattle market, and also impounded 5vehicles parked illegally by car dealers.

Chairman of the Taskforce, Comrade Ikharo Attah, said the action followed the expiration of a 7-day ultimatum earlier issued to illegal occupants last week to quit operation in unauthorised places in the area.

Comrade Attah who explained that some people were bent on constituting nuisance that could threaten the city’s security and environmental safety, maintained that Malam Muhammad Musa Bello prioritise issues of sanitation.

He explained that the seized animals and the vehicles would be taken to the Mobile court, and a forfeiture order shall be sought, to distribute the rams and cattles to the Prison and various orphanage homes.

Comrade Attah added that the illegal motor park around the Apo round about and the cattle market had defaced the aesthetic beauty of the road corridors as well as turned to hide outs for other criminal elements.

According to Attah”We took twenty six rams, 5 cattle and 5 vehicles, we are taken them to the Mobile Court and shall be seeking for a forfeiture order from the court, so that the things can be given to the Prison or the orphanage homes within the FCT, because we have warned them several times…We cannot continue to look away from all the illegality and contraventions. He stressed.

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