Former South African President Jacob Zuma and his lover Conco are no longer together.

Reports indicate the 25-year-old beauty moved out of the posh apartment Zuma rented for her in the hills of Durban.

The beauty had earlier claimed she was raising her son alone and was sad her boy would not travel with his father Former South African President Jacob Zuma and his young lover Nonkanyiso Conco have allegedly called it quits.

Word has it the happy pair went their separate ways back in 2019 but their friends and family kept things on the down low.

The Sunday Sun claimed a source close to the family disclosed Zuma’s bae packed her things and moved out of the home she was given in a Durban estate.

It is also alleged Conco was asked by her ex’s family not to be vocal about her failed relationship.

The 25-year-old’s dad Fartescue said she went to live with her mum after rushing out of her posh residence in the hills. 

The beauty shares a son with Zuma and had earlier caused a fuss on social media when she hinted she was raising the boy on her own.

 “I have made peace with that I will attend school activities alone, travel the world with him alone and take all responsibilities on raising a boy child and installing best values in his life,” she wrote on Instagram.

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She later claimed she was getting married to a polygamous man and was only trying to come to terms with how her relationship was going to be. The young lady and her father stopped talking when it was discovered Conco was dating Zuma, an elderly man. 

Rumour also had it the lady’s family was pissed that the former president did not complete all required cultural rituals before being involved with his young boo. 


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