Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State, has called on the Federal Government to seek for the review of the West African Protocols that allowed for free movement to stop herdsmans’ migration to Northern Nigeria.

Ganduje made the call on Saturday during the commissioning of 200 Ruga Housing Settlements at Dansoshiya village in Kiru Local Government Area of the state, for the Cattle Fulani’s rearers.

He said that, “the Federal Government should use the International blockage created by the Novel Coronavirus to stop the Migration of Dangerous Weapons carrying Herdsmen to Nigeria.

“Such movements of the herdsmans’ always cause conflicts and destruction of human lives”.

According to Ganduje, “The Federal government should take the global Coronavirus pandemic blockage opportunity to act on migrating Herdsmen.

“One can clearly see that these migrating herdsmen always move with dangerous weapons and are the ones causing conflicts in most places around Northern and the nation in general.”

Ganduje uses the occasion to invite all herdsmen from around Nigeria to come to Kano and enjoy the bounties of his Government new Ruga Settlements which have all the infrastructural projects of Water, grazing reserves and Milk processing factory and markets.

Ganduje worries that Fulanis have suffered enough humiliation in Nigeria by killing them, stealing and rustling their Cows and even calling them names, added that times has come for them to enjoy their lives in Kano under the settlement.

The Government also constructed four million liters earth Dams for the Cattle reerers who have no causes to move away in search of waters.

He said that his government had earlier sent some 74 Fulanis Children to Turkey to study milk processing and other vital things that would help them to settle down at one place.

Ganduje reminded that a true Fulani Man is not known to violence but because of what was done to them of looting their Cows, rustling them, sometimes even Robbing them and killing their wives and Children a lot of them turned violence also.

“Today you see a Fulani Man doing Robbery, Kidnapping, and other social visus therefore the needs for a Ruga Settlements for him is highly desirable”.

He added that the irony of the whole thing is that a gallon of milk is costlier than a gallon of Petrol, which is clearly showing that a Fulani man is not poor neither does he a stupid.

It revealed that most of the dangerous weapons carrying herdsmen come from Mali, Cameroon and other African Nations.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, the Kano state Secretary of Miyetti Allah, Malam Zubairu Ibrahim commended the governor for fulfilling his promises on the project.

He assured the governor that their members will effectively utilize the project.

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