A House of Representatives member, representing Kazaure/Roni/Gwiwa/Yankwashi Federal Constituency of Jigawa State, Muhammed Gudaji Kazaure, has proposed outright castration as a stiff penalty for rape in Nigeria.

The lawmaker believed that, when the weapon for rape is taken, it would serve as deterrent to others who might contemplate it.

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Nigerian House of Representatives, had on Thursday, debated on a motion seeking to find lasting end to the increasing rate of rape in the country.

Mr. Rotimi Agunsoye (Lagos State), had brought the motion, seeking justice for Uwa Omozuwa, Tina Ezekwe and other Nigerian ladies who were victims of rape recently.

Though the motion received much support from the lawmakers; but attempts to amend the prayers to ensure rapists are castrated suffered rejection.

Addressing newsmen shortly after the plenary, Hon. Gudaji expressed disappointment that his colleagues did not support the amended prayers.

He, however, vowed to come up with a fresh Bill that would make it mandatory for rapists to be castrated.

His words, “When you look at our country, the issue of rape is rising every day. To be honest, some women have died because of rape. So, that’s why I decided to contribute to that motion on the floor.

“And I’m going to bring up a fresh Bill to amend the constitutional issues about rape and fix a very high punishment for rape.

“What the majority of my people in the chambers do not understand is that we all came here with 60% to 70 percent of votes from women. That’s why I need to remind them that politics is a game of numbers, and they double us in numbers.

“So, when the issue came, I felt this was the only way we could compensate them, by showing serious concern on the issue.

“My amendment to the motion if they allowed it, is that, any man arrested for raping a woman is not to be killed, but they should go and cut his prick. When they cut that thing, he will not go and do it again to another woman.

That thing will remain in his heart because he will remain alive without that thing. So, anyone who sees this type of punishment, will not do it again.”

Gudaji, however, disagreed that men could be raped. Rather, he said women could lure any of their crushes to bed, but not by using force, like the male folk.

“Though I hear that men are being raped but it is very difficult to believe it, even in the Nigerian constitution, there is no mention of the issue of rape of men. Somebody brought an amendment to that motion but since it is not mentioned in the constitution, it is hard to believe. How can men be raped? It is hard for women to rape men.

“But what I believe is that, when we were in childhood and a man would climb fence into the female dormitory in boarding schools and these girls have been there for like two months (sex-starved) and they need men, so, some of them will willingly catch you and ask you to do it.

They are not raping you, they will just convince you. Because women have ways of convincing men. So, if you are convinced, I will accept it. Women are convincing men, even if you don’t like it, they will convince you to do it.

“But men rape them with power. Some will even point a gun or knife on them and force themselves on the woman. One woman could be raped by 10 men,” Gudaji added.

He recommended that alleged rape cases should quickly be reported to the Police and Medical experts should be engaged to castrate the accused, if proven that he committed the offence.


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