A businessman, from India’s Bhopal, chartered an entire 180-seater Airbus-320 plane of a private carrier to fly his three family members to Delhi amid the coronavirus outbreak.


According to reports in NDTV, the businessman’s daughter, her two children and their house help flew to Delhi in the 180-seater plane after being stuck in Bhopal for two months following the nationwide lockdown. 


The businessman, whose identity has not been revealed, is a liquor baron and is said to have booked an entire flight to fly his family members to avoid crowds at the airport amid the pandemic.


According to aviation experts, the cost of hiring an Airbus-320 is about Rs 20 lakh (Dh97,000 approx).


“The A320 180-seater plane arrived here on May 25 to carry four members of a family, probably due to the coronavirus scare. 


It was chartered by someone and there was no medical emergency,” according to an airline official.


The news comes at a time when thousands of migrant workers in India are struggling to return to their homes hundreds of kilometres away. 


Domestic flights resumed in the country this week amid a surge in the coronavirus cases.


Khaleed Times

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