The attention of Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID) has been drawn to a viral video on social media, stating that Kano State Government has no functional Isolation Center for persons infected with the virus in the state.

This was contained in a media statement signed by the CEO COCAVID 19 zouera yousoufou and was made available to Kano Daily in kano.

The statement said The video uses the Kofar Mata Isolation Center, donated by CACOVID and still under construction, as a case study.

This is sheer mischief and a deliberate attempt to scuttle the ongoing fight against COVID-19, which has started yielding fruit in the state.

To set the record straight, even before Kano state recorded its index case, CACOVID, a coalition purposely created to support Nigeria in the fight against COVID-19, had the zeal and will to support the state fight coronavirus.

Since March 2020, CACOVID had launched its intervention to Kano with the establishment of a two-tents facility as a 500-bed Isolation Center, situated at Sani Abacha Stadium, Kofar Mata, in the metropolis.

CACOVID also provided all the needed equipment, including respirators, lab equipment, oxygen equipment, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other consumables for the facility that are presently warehoused in the Kano State Ministry of Health stores and other locations pending the completion of the construction work.

However, given the Infection Prevention and Control Protocols required, and with advice and guidance from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Kano State Ministry of Health, the Isolation Center in question had to be redesigned in order to effectively serve the purpose for which it was Established.

Hence, the State Government advised that more centres should be set up using some of the 500 beds initially procured for the Kofar Mata center.

Therefore, the following Isolation Centers were swiftly established;

  • 77 bed Isolation Center at Imam Abubakar Urology Center – Completely renovated and equipped and delivered on May 11, 2020.

-10 beds to Daula Isolation Center.

-200 beds to Karfi Sports Institute Centre.

-213 beds currently retained at Sani Abacha stadium for redesign.

Furthermore, the ongoing redesign project of the Kofar Mata Isolation Center has included the following:

-Introduction of DONNING & DOFFING areas at the entrance and exit point of each tent to demarcate red and green zones for staff movements;

-Introduction of cleanable wall panelling and suspended ceiling to create air-tightness of the wards (red zone);

-Introduction of insulation, ACs and air extractors in the wards to maintain temperature and keep a negative pressure in the wards;

-Introduction of Patient toilets and showers away from Staff areas in the red zone;

-Introduction of a Laboratory and PCR be able to test on site all the patients;

-Introduction of a dedicated testing area away from the staff areas (green) and the wards (red) in order to test potential cases;

-Introduction of a laundry in order to treat all the wards contaminated linen on site;

-Introduction of a morgue.

  • Renovation and conversion of Stadium’s offices into clinical and non clinical Staff offices has since been completed and under lock and key.

Please note that the medical storage, food preparation, pharmacy, laundry, exercise areas, toilets and showers are all containerized and outside of the tents. The tents only serve as the patient wards.

These containerized units which only started arriving on site from Lagos this weekend – 22 May (2 weeks behind schedule) are part of the reason for the apparent delays.

The heavy and complex redesign has taken longer than we expected, given the challenges due to the various lockdowns and related slower pace of work. Our expected handover date of the Centre will duly be communicated.

This is what the person(s) behind the video use to mislead the public and portray the commitment of the Kano State Government and National efforts towards combatting COVID-19 in a bad light.

We hereby call on the general public to disregard the video and continue to support the government, private sector, and local communities in our fight against COVID-19 in the state and the rest of the country.

It is worthy of note that CACOVID has delivered 83% of the food palliatives for Kano targeting 112,634 households (675,804 individuals) as a separate part of our support to Government and citizens to ease the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic and its socio-economic impact.

The private Sector coalition against covid-19 (CACOVID) is a non governmental joint initiative of private organizations and bodies in Nigeria driven by the common goals, of helping Nigeria in the fight against Covid-19 and in improving Nigeria’s healthcare system post the covid-19 pandemic.

CACOVID stays committed to supporting Nigeria to fight the pandemic.

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