A Family Planning Service Provider, Mr David Monbai, says the emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made many families to unite by bringing husband and wife more closer.

Monbai, who works at the Maikunkele Primary Healthcare Facility in Niger, spoke at a field trip visit to the facility by media team from The Challenge Initiative (TCI) in Maikunlele Community of Bosso Local Government area of the state.

He explained that husbands and their wives were using the lockdown to discuss and agree on the number children to have, adding that more women were now coming to the health facility to access family planning services.

Monbai said the facility provides different methods of family planning such as pills, implant, injectable and IUD, adding that most women in the community preferred pills.

“Out services is 24 hours; we have recorded more women coming for family planning since the start of the lockdown as a result of Coronavirus.

“These women confirmed that their husbands are in support of the family planning.

“Majority of the women confirmed that they used the lockdown period to have discussion with their husbands on the need for them to access family planning so as not to get pregnant within the lockdown period,” he said.

According to him, Coronavirus has not affected the number of women accessing family planning, rather, it has made more women to come for the services.

Monbai also said that all the commodities were available at the facility to cater for the people.

One of the women who were at the facility, Malama Fatima Isah, said she came to access family planning with her husband’s consent to avoid getting pregnant during the lockdown period.

“I am here to access family planning because my husband and I have agreed that we don’t want to have more children.

“So, the best way to avoid getting pregnant now is to start family planning,” Isah said.


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