Over 18,900 dengue patients have been reported in Sri Lanka so far this year.

The country’s National Dengue Eradication Unit warned that cases may further rise following the monsoon season, local media reported on Wednesday.

As of May 12, a total of 18,977 dengue patients were reported in the country for the year 2020, according to data obtained from the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health.

Out of the total, 96 cases have been reported so far in May.

Dr Aruna Jayasekera, Director of the National Dengue Eradication Unit, was quoted by local media as saying that while no deaths have been reported from dengue so far this year, as more rains are expected, the risk of dengue is expected to intensify.

“There is a usual trend in the rate of dengue patients gradually increasing in the months of June, July and August, especially the areas that are affected by the South-Western Monsoon,’’ Aruna said.

Therefore, people are advised to clean their surrounding environment to clear breeding grounds of dengue mosquitoes, he added.

In 2019, over 99,000 people were affected by the mosquito-borne virus in Sri Lanka, with the National Dengue Control Unit launching several programmes to eradicate mosquito’s breeding grounds in several districts of the island country.

Last year, 90 deaths were reported.


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