Death, as an inevitable end in life of every mortal, is an inescapable divine call that one must answer, without having the premonition that one knows, when, where and how it would occur.

When such a divine call is made, the angel of death strikes without delay in order to fulfil the obligation as ordained by God and that no Jupiter on earth can ever stop such a mission. It has no regard for one’s influence, status and background in as much as the angel of death is assigned to execute such a detestable mission.

Considering the fact that , men of God who were destined by virtue of their good attributes to have a place of honour, acceptability and recognition, it take solace in the fact that the heaven would be the permanent abode of their eternal bliss, and to them, departing the turbulent world is what they will never regret.

If the above postulation is anything to go by, the demise of my amiable and quintessential brother has gingered my hope and bolstered my confidence that he had safely returned to his creator with the hope that his recognizable good deeds on earth, would trail him down to the effervescent corner of his grave.

He had undoubtedly lived a life worth living and left an indelible mark on the sand of time, as no traces of deceit would ever trail him to his grave, knowing that he was never deceitful in his dealings either to his family, friends, well wishers and in his service of the Nigeria Police, where he served with patriotism, honesty and untainted integrity.

He is down to earth and maligned no one, either within the confines of family members or his colleagues in the force. He strived to come to the aid of anyone in need of urgent financial assistance either on reason that one secured admission into a particular school. Also, he extended such a laudable gesture to the sick. Goodness to his parents, friends, brothers and sisters were his major cardinal thrust.

One good thing about him is the fact that he had never been swayed by the shine and sheen of his police uniform, he mingled with people like a commoner or an ordinary person who one cannot believe that he was an officer of high echelon serving in the Nigeria Police Force.

I couldn’t believe that you are no more ACP Imrana Dalhatu, i received the news of your death with shock, but I quickly remind myself that all of us will one day answer the call of Almighty.

I could remember when you passed out as a an Assistant Superintendent of Police at Police Academy Wudil, i was among the relatives that graced the occasion. It was so colourful, we were so happy because you are the first in the history of our family that joins the Police Force as an officer.

Indeed you were so dedicated in the discharge of your duties, i could recall that you were once a Personal Assistant to three Commissioners of Police in Kano, and they have found you trust worthy and loyal.

As years in the service move on you were transferred to Abuja were you served at different capacities; DPO, OC /HOMICIDE.

Your colleagues who visited us at Zaria for condolence attested to your humility and bravery.No member of our family would ever forget your generosity and simplicity. You interacted with us as if you did not attain any position in life.

May your soul rest in peace ACP IMRANA


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