By Ibraheem M. Adam

Nigeria is indeed a nation blessed with a lot of various resources that ranges from materials to human resources. There are a lot of Nigerians based abroad and still makes Nigeria proud, one of such Ngerians is no one but  Haruna Salisu also known as Chizo Germany. He is a comedian, Actor, footballer as well as a dance entertainer,

Born on 1st June 1995 at Tudun Wadan Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, he began his sojourn in the entertainment industry while in Kano after he had completed his conventional schools. He had also studied Islamic education both in Zaria and Kano respectively.

He ventured into acting and later began singing, Chizo met Adam A. Zango and they have worked together as his background dancer. He learned a lot from Zango, he made his debut in a song titled Sarka Zancen Banza, which fortunately become very popular.

Young energetic Chizo left the shores of Nigeria in search of a greener pasture; he travelled to Niger Republic, Libya and Italy among other nations before finally settling in Germany; Before his journey to Europe, Chizo and his friend Bello Sisqo has achieved a lot, they have produced so many songs such as Jarum, Aisha, Ifeoma, Baby, Abin among other award winning songs, they have also organized music, videos, comedy and other entertainment programmes.

Chizo arrived at Germany in 2015, as determine as he is he wasted no time in making a step forward to ensure that his journey is fruitful. First, he joined school in Grevenbroich to learn Deutsch language in order to be able to communicate effectively with the Germans.

However, his Hausa traditional dancing ability which he learnt while in the Koroso dance group while in Nigeria has assisted him greatly as one of his teachers in the school took him to Tanzhaus NRW in Dusseldorf for dancing lessons.

It was while in the school that he met his German wife Astrid Kemper and on 5th April 2019, Chizo and Astrid Kemper got married, they are living peacefully and a happy life.

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